Do you want to read a story about people being cool to each other? Would you like it to be relevant to current events? Well, here is what happened to my son and I at the Conan O’Brien show Monday.

Here is the coolest thing. I forgot to pay my damn parking. I said to my son- “Hey, I can’t make it down and up all those steps again- can you do it? And get me some water.- But do not do it if they won’t let you back in. We will take our chances.” He asked, everyone said- no prob come back in- but when it was time to, some fellas at the door wouldn’t let him. I got worried so at commercial break, I went looking for him. No one had seen him. He’s a memorable dude. I look outside and there he is! I start with my high pitched “what are you doing out here! You are supposed to be inside- will they not let you in? And really they wouldn’t. I was so frustrated- I love Conan- and my son Nathan is the reason why. He entertained my friends and I with the Conan scissor-pants on more than one occasion. He’ a comedy nerd. And Nathan kept his cool, he did not get mad and he just acquiesced – peaceful guy that he is. I couldn’t let my gentle giant wait outside for me the rest of the show. Sooooo I left with him. I cried in the car as he set my water in the drink holder silently. I know that Conan is a big show, and they had nothing to do with it. But I was still angry. Not at them. So I wrote them an email and I called. I said, hey, I know things happened and this may just be spilt milk. The girl on the other end said maybe, but maybe not, I will see what I can do. She sent me an Email today asking me what show I would like to attend. FOR LIFE Conan O’Brien your family of people are amazing.


UPDATE: They are sending me four tickets to Thursday’s show! See you there!

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A Winter’s Tale

I get to see movie screenings on occasion. I wrote a review on gofobo, just thought I would share it here.

A Winter's Tale

Yes, yes I did. I loved this movie. I’m not the chick flick kind of girl really. But this one involved the forces of good and evil and some metaphysical reality speak- tying everything with everything and giving an answer to some of the big questions in an interesting way. For those who don’t think about that sort of thing and don’t believe in romantic love- well, I think even you would like this movie, because the one thing no matter how far down we go- we still have a twinkling glimmer of hope or desire for “the real thing”. I loved this. Colin regained me as a fan, and Crowe was stellar. MMN unapologetic evil- nothing like it! You know it would be kind of nice to know when you are dealing with angels or demons unaware. We left smiling with red carnations they gave us. Hmn, think I will make myself a cup of tea 😉

Share this great review with y

When you wish upon a star… | gofobo.

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CoCo Loco and Other Mixers

It is true. I haven’t written. All two of you must be pretty disappointed with my lack of commitment. Well the assignment to write a blog is over, so why do it? There is the question. I don’t know yet. Insomnia maybe.

Been thinking about Conan. I like what he is doing with his “Team CoCo” thing. I was one who was very disappointed with his network’s decision to put him back at his old time slot and was privately very proud of his decision to leave. Funny, I had liked him on Late Night with Conan O’Brien better because he was comfortable and completely in control, you could tell. He had to homogenize a bit, and well, he also got a concussion. But hell, I didn’t want to see him go. I couldn’t watch Leno after that. I’d been watching The Tonight Show since I was a kid and had to sneak around the corner to glimpse it while I was supposed to be in bed- alas,no more. When I vainly dreamed of being interviewed it was by Johnny Carson. Nobody really does what Carson did. JOHNNY Carson for all you youngstas. He had a comedian on- it began their career (and they did comedy right there on the show). He had music it was relevant. Not just time wasting filler.
Now see, that is what I like about Conan. Some say he is sticking with formula, but I see he is changing the talk show, or at least keeping up with current trends and creating a few new ones. The blimp, the car giveaway,webisodes, keeping up with tweets (in fact livetweeting throughout his show), and using zazzle for his promo items. Oops, looks like he is using bustedtees now His Iphone app could be more interesting- look to LNJF for inspiration. And this is where Conan can take a cue since we are talking Jimmy Fallon. He has game developers on his show. Today there are different heroes. Great artists such as Golan Levin would be entertaining to fit in somehow. See his work here. Game designers, software designers, creators of all kinds. Not just movie stars, but the special effects kings and queens. Trends in art. He did the guy with mini-art-Willard Wigan and Michio Kaku the uber-intelligent scientist, who is someone I follow. Tommy Lee may be old news to some, but he did this great collaborative thing on his last album that was so creative he deserved some airtime for it. It was very innovative. Dexter Morgan is my new hero and he is a serial killer played by Michael C Hall, who is brilliant and nominated by the way (why do I not see him enough on talk shows?) Nikki Sixx wrote The Heroin Diaries, and was charted with “Life is Beautiful”- that would have been interesting. Mini-Kiss would just be the perfect match for Conan’s circus. Just add a top hat to those jeggings Mr. O’Brien! Of course I just watch for the monologue unless you have someone like Sarah Silverman on! Funny as hell.
Basic cable is what everyone watches,more so then the network channels now, and I hear that a big name in pay cable is thinking about leaving cable to go towards the new thing with xbox, googletv etc.so the time is right for basic cable. I suppose we will see if the spaghetti sticks to the wall.

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The Wilderness Downtown using HTML5

I’m still searching I guess. Most of us rather get. I like getting, don’t get me wrong. But how am I going to know what I want to get if I don’t ever look outside of my little garden of eden? Sometimes getting isn’t what you really wanted anyway, right? Didn’t you like the hunt? The search? The struggle in which creation takes place?

I guess I see what people are calling the end of the WWW closely conjoined with personal philosophies on what life is supposed to be.  I could explain, but with just one little click HERE you can read this article from wired, which I consider brilliant, and more comprehensive.

For me, one conundrum is- what classes to take that will take me into the future? I wonder, should I take html5, java, xml? Guessing I should become multilingual. I also just like freedom you know? I don’t want the W^3 to leave. I don’t want to have to have a handheld device to access the internet. I want my choices.

Well I hope this thing comes back to make it good for the people with profit coming secondary. Mental Floss had this great article that referenced the Wired one aforementioned about html5 and the future of the web. I’m rooting for it- especially if it involves things like thewildernessdowntown.com by ARCADE FIRE which is the coolest thing in awhile. Here is a link to my video where I stop via googlemaps at one of my childhood homes, and left a message for my younger self. This is where I wait.

Message to myself from thewildernessdowntown.com

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Hold the Phone, but check out the QR (or my rantastic post)

The phone call is dead. So sayeth Alexia Tsotsis via Tech Crunch , as well as Clive Thompson author for Wired. I wonder if Martin Cooper would have imagined his invention leading to the decline of phone calls. Would that be considered ironic?





Believe it or not people would rather communicate via text or by way of other digital sources.  Texts to me are good to send quick notes, or have a private convo when a phone call would be “out of place” . It is actually a peeve of mine to get a text for conversational purposes equaled only by aquaintances keeping in touch through forwards, and thinking that substitutes for conversation. I watch my kids text and text, and I wonder “Couldn’t you have already finished this conversation if you just talked to them?” I have thought it rude, especially after stating “I probably won’t respond to text messaging“- I just don’t like to spend my time that way. I am too busy running errands, doing chores, or homework from my computer to send a text- which are just annoyances for me. Keyboard is too small, and on touch screen inaccurate, and for me at least, just takes too much time.

The argument seems to be that phone calls are rude interruptions, and texting is simpler for most. I cannot argue those points, but there are other ways like e-mail and chat and facebook and skype. I know, I am just seeming to be a dinosaur, but I like to hear a person’s voice. Isn’t that why the telephone was invented in the first place- telegrams being so impersonal, expensive, time consuming.STOP. No matter my objections, or antiquated thoughts, I know that it appears to be true the phone call is dying out. It at least explains why what I think is a rude way to avoid a conversation with someone while being able to claim you still keep in touch, is something so often practiced. It cleared the air for me, I have been getting rather irritated by phone text. Ok, I am getting all Andy Rooney here. It has come full circle.

However I am excited about the innovations that are changing the hardware and access to software programs for smart devices. I particularly like the QR Code app (it stands for “Quick Response“) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Eurpoe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA.  It is used for advertising and reminds me of a virtual Cue Cat, except it has much more capabilities, such as connecting directly to a video, sending a text message, letting you purchase from your phone, finding out information about a product.I like the idea to take a photo of one outside a restaurant and your QR app reads the code and shows you the menu and info for said restaurant. But please, just make it standard in a smartphone or device, then it has a better chance of taking off here.

Mostly I like the potential artistic applications. I have seen weavings of someone’s name in QRcode, and t-shirts with QR Messages. I’ve seen them used as graffiti, and contemplate installation art pieces and maybe artists’ signatures using such symbolics. I love the symbolic qualities and the picture like look along with how it defines a particular time in history. Imagine when our ruins are excavated and the QR code is “discovered”. Someone quick make a Rosetta stone.

I love technology. I really do. I just  don’t really get into some of the aspects. I never saw the sense in a CD besides being something you have to buy over and over again, search for forever, or use toothpaste or Vaseline to fix a scratch to retrieve corrupted files that have important quality portfolio material on- broken. Flash drives I do like… if I could only quit losing them. Saving online in digital format seems to work well for me. Accessing via a wireless device sounds pretty solid. As for privacy, it all seems pretty much a fauxcade anyway. The veil will lift, the QR code embedded into your skin, and idk, we still doing RFIDs? Been kept track of lately?

Well boys, girls and others -this concludes Rantastic for today. Thanks to all two of you who read my blog.  🙂 Until my next blog is due- TaTaForNow

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Head in the Clouds


bradley sharp

To ponder a cloud as a child I thought maybe one day I would have my chance to cloth myself in them. My my, the strange ways dreams become reality.  If nothing else I have at least been immersed in the clouds for quite a bit of my time as of late.


For you fun folk I may or may not be related to that think maybe my head has always been in the clouds I am probably raising the wrong finger (shock and awe pursue) but I am smiling 🙂

I am talking about Cloud Computing. Something almost all of us do.  Seems inevitable . We store our pictures, write our friends, use online applications, play online games. If it’s not on your computer, it is probably “in the clouds”. Seems smart to me but do see a few dark clouds ahead as well such as ownership and privacy issues, but I guess we will just have to see if they pass.

The silver lining? When your hard drive fails, you don’t have to rebuild your portfolio, photo album, or any records and documents you were keeping if you are backed up in the cloudosphere.

I wrote a lil’ story ’bout it… wanna read it? Well, here it goes….Enjoy! Lol.

Believe it or not, most of us are “in the cloud” somewhere. Do you have an email account on Yahoo! Or Gmail? Do you have photos on flickr? Do you do any social networking on Facebook, or blog on WordPress? Have any documents on googledocs or dropbox? Essentially these companies are a few examples of the way we interact with cloud computing every day.


Face it, eventually, your computer or laptop is going to crash, your hard drive will fail. CDs will corrupt. Flash drives disappear. And of course technologies will change. (Does your computer have a floppy drive?) You may move or have some kind of natural disaster that destroys all of your tangible possessions. I wish no ill on anyone-unfortunately – these things happen all the time.


What you save on the cloud is virtually safe. Not to mistake that clouds aren’t stored somewhere on Earth (maybe in space in the future- who knows?) Many companies will not disclose their locations for privacy and security issues. IBM gave a tour  of one of it’s cloud computing centers in San Jose California. It is about as big as a football field and contains more than one petabyte  of data (which is one million gigabytes). Facebook says it stores data on servers in Virginia and in the San Francisco. Tumblr stores blogs in Austin, Texas, and in New York before casting its blog posts to Amazon’s network on the West Coast.

I learned some companies, like Microsoft and Amazon, replicate data several times, on servers around the world. They scatter it all over the place so as not to lose it. Data moves around both within cloud centers and from one data center to another, often crossing oceans and trekking continents to get there.

And since I must finish my homework before Conan

The End



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