Clapping With One Hand

Recently, I was given an assignment- next time we use the internet to not use a search engine. As usual, my life seems to follow suit, and does one better. My home internet was down, and my car in the shop. With no way to access the internet besides my cell phone, I felt a little lost. Well at first anyway…. O.K. still I am white knuckling it a bit. I would rather be cut off from cyber space than see posts three at a time with a 5-7 second wait between sets. I would actually rather let silence speak for me then to text via my touch screen phone. My fingers being just too short and pudgy and stylus mysteriously unavailable makes it so very frustrating.

Here are some things I did that I wouldn’t have done had I viable access to a search engine:

  •  I found it much easier to look up recipes in cookbooks, or just wing it. I was limited to what accumulated knowledge accessed by my books and pc. I actually picked up a book I had been reading when time and energy wasn’t such an issue, “The Goddess Versus the Alphabet”. Such a great read- chocked full of interesting theories and correlations throughout history how the alphabet has shaped our culture into the “man’s world” it so inescapably is today.
  • Jotted down some cartoon ideas I have been having that have only been in my mind until now.
  • Being the Halloween season- or Samhain as it was originally named- “All Hallows Eve” and Dia de las Muertos (Day of the Dead) had me doodling what epitaph I would like on my tombstone.

  • My youngest child and I made some candy apples (do purchase a candy thermometer for this endeavor) We all carved pumpkins and readied for Halloween, only to be disappointed by only two groups of trick or treaters( FYI– I brought some sour candies to school today- so if you read this post just hit me up if you want some J ) .
  • Watched Matthew Gray Gubler (who is I found a great fan of Halloween and quite an interesting artist) on that FBI profiling show he is on for at least 10 episodes due to bouts of insomnia. Also way^3 too many infomercials. This country is obsessed with image. Maybe we should have been named the Narcissist states of Myopia. (I jest mostly).

So really, not using a search engine is much like dieting. I am not going to sit down and really get into a search (pint of ice cream). I only used the internet when I in truth had to, abstaining from my usual diet of online to a much more conservative one of tangible interactions. I have been feeling cut-off though, especially from my academics and job-hunting endeavors. Honestly haven’t missed the posts on what someone made for dinner or how bad someone’s day sucked. ( I know I did not need a search engine for that- however not having access to one limits my interest in the internet)

All this ends Friday when my new wireless modem comes in the mail. Am I glad I had the experience? Well it showed me how dependant my world, and really the world has become on this digital media experience. For that insight alone it was worth it, but better timing would not be during an occasion I have four school projects in the air and a job to find. I realize in my world I need a reason not to be online rather than to be online. I shall end this with a Taoist saying: “The more you know, the less you understand.”



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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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