The Wilderness Downtown using HTML5

I’m still searching I guess. Most of us rather get. I like getting, don’t get me wrong. But how am I going to know what I want to get if I don’t ever look outside of my little garden of eden? Sometimes getting isn’t what you really wanted anyway, right? Didn’t you like the hunt? The search? The struggle in which creation takes place?

I guess I see what people are calling the end of the WWW closely conjoined with personal philosophies on what life is supposed to be.  I could explain, but with just one little click HERE you can read this article from wired, which I consider brilliant, and more comprehensive.

For me, one conundrum is- what classes to take that will take me into the future? I wonder, should I take html5, java, xml? Guessing I should become multilingual. I also just like freedom you know? I don’t want the W^3 to leave. I don’t want to have to have a handheld device to access the internet. I want my choices.

Well I hope this thing comes back to make it good for the people with profit coming secondary. Mental Floss had this great article that referenced the Wired one aforementioned about html5 and the future of the web. I’m rooting for it- especially if it involves things like by ARCADE FIRE which is the coolest thing in awhile. Here is a link to my video where I stop via googlemaps at one of my childhood homes, and left a message for my younger self. This is where I wait.

Message to myself from


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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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