I can’t seem to remember exactly how- even though it was only a few moments ago- I found Pecha-Kucha. I just got so sucked up in it and all of a sudden the pieces fell together with no effort. Realizing I have been “living myself to death” putting too much in to too small of a frame of time. The formula is 20×20 for Pecha-Kucha which means chit chat in Japan. Oh, maybe I should start at the beginning ;).

Pecha-Kucha is a form of presentations. For all those that have experienced “death by powerpoint” this is a quicker more engaging way to present. Pecha-Kucha has the rule of 20 frames 20 seconds long while someone basically chit-chats about the presentation as it goes along.  I could look through them all night if it weren’t for the fact I am making swedish meatballs for dinner. So yummy.

I am linking to a couple that I love since they are flash based and there is no code to embed on the site, I’m sure I could mess around and find a way, but those meatballs aren’t going to make themselves!  So here are the links, they are worth the effort of the extra clicks!

Tasty Buddha ( I get so awestruck when someone else has the same idea!!!-growing seeds in books! Makes me say, ah, should have taken that further)

Idle Idol Japanese Mascots- I really like the construction site the best though!

Check out the site while you are there. Some super art inspiring things I saw. Oh yeah, the meatballs. TTFN


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