There is No New Media…

….just new consumption.

Whether or not an action is taken upon something is not what is dependant on if it evolves or not. In other words things change if we are up with the change or we have no idea about it. So when I state there is no new media in reality I am just saying we are now accessing media differently.

The music industry , newspapers, television or any kind of video sharing businesses haven’t ended, they are just evolving. This is not the end product either it is just where we now stand for whatever short period of time that may be. The big newsflash seems to be “Hey guess what? You are currently bits of data all stored on the Internet.” Time is wasted trying to block things such as Google TV from accessing your online content. You should figure out how to make money from it. We are still an opportunistic, er, I mean capitalistic society are we not? Making yourself inaccessible surely will not bring the outcome you hope in your heart of hearts is true- that all will come to you for exclusivity.

The problem seems to stem from a very myopic view thought a subset of media (video, music, print), is in fact the entire pie.

The next generation is already adapting to figure out their way around the old way and we are yet to see in what way we will progress  in the future in  media. To modify a quote a bit from Jello Biafra “Don’t hate the new media, become it.” Google TV is a good example. You’ll have apps, just like your Iphone, you can watch television and access the internet from the same screen if desired, and even use your smart phone as a remote. Google TV has many other features, for the run through click here.



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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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