CoCo Loco and Other Mixers

It is true. I haven’t written. All two of you must be pretty disappointed with my lack of commitment. Well the assignment to write a blog is over, so why do it? There is the question. I don’t know yet. Insomnia maybe.

Been thinking about Conan. I like what he is doing with his “Team CoCo” thing. I was one who was very disappointed with his network’s decision to put him back at his old time slot and was privately very proud of his decision to leave. Funny, I had liked him on Late Night with Conan O’Brien better because he was comfortable and completely in control, you could tell. He had to homogenize a bit, and well, he also got a concussion. But hell, I didn’t want to see him go. I couldn’t watch Leno after that. I’d been watching The Tonight Show since I was a kid and had to sneak around the corner to glimpse it while I was supposed to be in bed- alas,no more. When I vainly dreamed of being interviewed it was by Johnny Carson. Nobody really does what Carson did. JOHNNY Carson for all you youngstas. He had a comedian on- it began their career (and they did comedy right there on the show). He had music it was relevant. Not just time wasting filler.
Now see, that is what I like about Conan. Some say he is sticking with formula, but I see he is changing the talk show, or at least keeping up with current trends and creating a few new ones. The blimp, the car giveaway,webisodes, keeping up with tweets (in fact livetweeting throughout his show), and using zazzle for his promo items. Oops, looks like he is using bustedtees now His Iphone app could be more interesting- look to LNJF for inspiration. And this is where Conan can take a cue since we are talking Jimmy Fallon. He has game developers on his show. Today there are different heroes. Great artists such as Golan Levin would be entertaining to fit in somehow. See his work here. Game designers, software designers, creators of all kinds. Not just movie stars, but the special effects kings and queens. Trends in art. He did the guy with mini-art-Willard Wigan and Michio Kaku the uber-intelligent scientist, who is someone I follow. Tommy Lee may be old news to some, but he did this great collaborative thing on his last album that was so creative he deserved some airtime for it. It was very innovative. Dexter Morgan is my new hero and he is a serial killer played by Michael C Hall, who is brilliant and nominated by the way (why do I not see him enough on talk shows?) Nikki Sixx wrote The Heroin Diaries, and was charted with “Life is Beautiful”- that would have been interesting. Mini-Kiss would just be the perfect match for Conan’s circus. Just add a top hat to those jeggings Mr. O’Brien! Of course I just watch for the monologue unless you have someone like Sarah Silverman on! Funny as hell.
Basic cable is what everyone watches,more so then the network channels now, and I hear that a big name in pay cable is thinking about leaving cable to go towards the new thing with xbox, googletv the time is right for basic cable. I suppose we will see if the spaghetti sticks to the wall.


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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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