Do you want to read a story about people being cool to each other? Would you like it to be relevant to current events? Well, here is what happened to my son and I at the Conan O’Brien show Monday.

Here is the coolest thing. I forgot to pay my damn parking. I said to my son- “Hey, I can’t make it down and up all those steps again- can you do it? And get me some water.- But do not do it if they won’t let you back in. We will take our chances.” He asked, everyone said- no prob come back in- but when it was time to, some fellas at the door wouldn’t let him. I got worried so at commercial break, I went looking for him. No one had seen him. He’s a memorable dude. I look outside and there he is! I start with my high pitched “what are you doing out here! You are supposed to be inside- will they not let you in? And really they wouldn’t. I was so frustrated- I love Conan- and my son Nathan is the reason why. He entertained my friends and I with the Conan scissor-pants on more than one occasion. He’ a comedy nerd. And Nathan kept his cool, he did not get mad and he just acquiesced – peaceful guy that he is. I couldn’t let my gentle giant wait outside for me the rest of the show. Sooooo I left with him. I cried in the car as he set my water in the drink holder silently. I know that Conan is a big show, and they had nothing to do with it. But I was still angry. Not at them. So I wrote them an email and I called. I said, hey, I know things happened and this may just be spilt milk. The girl on the other end said maybe, but maybe not, I will see what I can do. She sent me an Email today asking me what show I would like to attend. FOR LIFE Conan O’Brien your family of people are amazing.


UPDATE: They are sending me four tickets to Thursday’s show! See you there!


About submarinequeen

An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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