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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences


  Do you want to read a story about people being cool to each other? Would you like it to be relevant to current events? Well, here is what happened to my son and I at the Conan O’Brien show Monday. Here … Continue reading

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A Winter’s Tale I get to see movie screenings on occasion. I wrote a review on gofobo, just thought I would share it here. Yes, yes I did. I loved this movie. I’m not the chick flick kind of girl … Continue reading

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CoCo Loco and Other Mixers

It is true. I haven’t written. All two of you must be pretty disappointed with my lack of commitment. Well the assignment to write a blog is over, so why do it? There is the question. I don’t know yet. … Continue reading

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The Wilderness Downtown using HTML5

I’m still searching I guess. Most of us rather get. I like getting, don’t get me wrong. But how am I going to know what I want to get if I don’t ever look outside of my little garden of … Continue reading

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Hold the Phone, but check out the QR (or my rantastic post)

The phone call is dead. So sayeth Alexia Tsotsis via Tech Crunch , as well as Clive Thompson author for Wired. I wonder if Martin Cooper would have imagined his invention leading to the decline of phone calls. Would that … Continue reading

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Head in the Clouds

  To ponder a cloud as a child I thought maybe one day I would have my chance to cloth myself in them. My my, the strange ways dreams become reality.  If nothing else I have at least been immersed … Continue reading

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