Hold the Phone, but check out the QR (or my rantastic post)

The phone call is dead. So sayeth Alexia Tsotsis via Tech Crunch , as well as Clive Thompson author for Wired. I wonder if Martin Cooper would have imagined his invention leading to the decline of phone calls. Would that be considered ironic?





Believe it or not people would rather communicate via text or by way of other digital sources.  Texts to me are good to send quick notes, or have a private convo when a phone call would be “out of place” . It is actually a peeve of mine to get a text for conversational purposes equaled only by aquaintances keeping in touch through forwards, and thinking that substitutes for conversation. I watch my kids text and text, and I wonder “Couldn’t you have already finished this conversation if you just talked to them?” I have thought it rude, especially after stating “I probably won’t respond to text messaging“- I just don’t like to spend my time that way. I am too busy running errands, doing chores, or homework from my computer to send a text- which are just annoyances for me. Keyboard is too small, and on touch screen inaccurate, and for me at least, just takes too much time.

The argument seems to be that phone calls are rude interruptions, and texting is simpler for most. I cannot argue those points, but there are other ways like e-mail and chat and facebook and skype. I know, I am just seeming to be a dinosaur, but I like to hear a person’s voice. Isn’t that why the telephone was invented in the first place- telegrams being so impersonal, expensive, time consuming.STOP. No matter my objections, or antiquated thoughts, I know that it appears to be true the phone call is dying out. It at least explains why what I think is a rude way to avoid a conversation with someone while being able to claim you still keep in touch, is something so often practiced. It cleared the air for me, I have been getting rather irritated by phone text. Ok, I am getting all Andy Rooney here. It has come full circle.

However I am excited about the innovations that are changing the hardware and access to software programs for smart devices. I particularly like the QR Code app (it stands for “Quick Response“) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Eurpoe a while back, and is now getting traction in USA.  It is used for advertising and reminds me of a virtual Cue Cat, except it has much more capabilities, such as connecting directly to a video, sending a text message, letting you purchase from your phone, finding out information about a product.I like the idea to take a photo of one outside a restaurant and your QR app reads the code and shows you the menu and info for said restaurant. But please, just make it standard in a smartphone or device, then it has a better chance of taking off here.

Mostly I like the potential artistic applications. I have seen weavings of someone’s name in QRcode, and t-shirts with QR Messages. I’ve seen them used as graffiti, and contemplate installation art pieces and maybe artists’ signatures using such symbolics. I love the symbolic qualities and the picture like look along with how it defines a particular time in history. Imagine when our ruins are excavated and the QR code is “discovered”. Someone quick make a Rosetta stone.

I love technology. I really do. I just  don’t really get into some of the aspects. I never saw the sense in a CD besides being something you have to buy over and over again, search for forever, or use toothpaste or Vaseline to fix a scratch to retrieve corrupted files that have important quality portfolio material on- broken. Flash drives I do like… if I could only quit losing them. Saving online in digital format seems to work well for me. Accessing via a wireless device sounds pretty solid. As for privacy, it all seems pretty much a fauxcade anyway. The veil will lift, the QR code embedded into your skin, and idk, we still doing RFIDs? Been kept track of lately?

Well boys, girls and others -this concludes Rantastic for today. Thanks to all two of you who read my blog.  🙂 Until my next blog is due- TaTaForNow


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