A Winter’s Tale

I get to see movie screenings on occasion. I wrote a review on gofobo, just thought I would share it here.

A Winter's Tale

Yes, yes I did. I loved this movie. I’m not the chick flick kind of girl really. But this one involved the forces of good and evil and some metaphysical reality speak- tying everything with everything and giving an answer to some of the big questions in an interesting way. For those who don’t think about that sort of thing and don’t believe in romantic love- well, I think even you would like this movie, because the one thing no matter how far down we go- we still have a twinkling glimmer of hope or desire for “the real thing”. I loved this. Colin regained me as a fan, and Crowe was stellar. MMN unapologetic evil- nothing like it! You know it would be kind of nice to know when you are dealing with angels or demons unaware. We left smiling with red carnations they gave us. Hmn, think I will make myself a cup of tea 😉

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When you wish upon a star… | gofobo.


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