Head in the Clouds


bradley sharp

To ponder a cloud as a child I thought maybe one day I would have my chance to cloth myself in them. My my, the strange ways dreams become reality.  If nothing else I have at least been immersed in the clouds for quite a bit of my time as of late.


For you fun folk I may or may not be related to that think maybe my head has always been in the clouds I am probably raising the wrong finger (shock and awe pursue) but I am smiling 🙂

I am talking about Cloud Computing. Something almost all of us do.  Seems inevitable . We store our pictures, write our friends, use online applications, play online games. If it’s not on your computer, it is probably “in the clouds”. Seems smart to me but do see a few dark clouds ahead as well such as ownership and privacy issues, but I guess we will just have to see if they pass.

The silver lining? When your hard drive fails, you don’t have to rebuild your portfolio, photo album, or any records and documents you were keeping if you are backed up in the cloudosphere.

I wrote a lil’ story ’bout it… wanna read it? Well, here it goes….Enjoy! Lol.

Believe it or not, most of us are “in the cloud” somewhere. Do you have an email account on Yahoo! Or Gmail? Do you have photos on flickr? Do you do any social networking on Facebook, or blog on WordPress? Have any documents on googledocs or dropbox? Essentially these companies are a few examples of the way we interact with cloud computing every day.


Face it, eventually, your computer or laptop is going to crash, your hard drive will fail. CDs will corrupt. Flash drives disappear. And of course technologies will change. (Does your computer have a floppy drive?) You may move or have some kind of natural disaster that destroys all of your tangible possessions. I wish no ill on anyone-unfortunately – these things happen all the time.


What you save on the cloud is virtually safe. Not to mistake that clouds aren’t stored somewhere on Earth (maybe in space in the future- who knows?) Many companies will not disclose their locations for privacy and security issues. IBM gave a tour  of one of it’s cloud computing centers in San Jose California. It is about as big as a football field and contains more than one petabyte  of data (which is one million gigabytes). Facebook says it stores data on servers in Virginia and in the San Francisco. Tumblr stores blogs in Austin, Texas, and in New York before casting its blog posts to Amazon’s network on the West Coast.

I learned some companies, like Microsoft and Amazon, replicate data several times, on servers around the world. They scatter it all over the place so as not to lose it. Data moves around both within cloud centers and from one data center to another, often crossing oceans and trekking continents to get there.

And since I must finish my homework before Conan

The End




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