5 Life “Hacks” for Students

A life hack is anything that solves something in a non- obvious way, and at lifehacker.com there are countless clever hacks to make your life more productive, less expensive, or at least just more interesting.

Here are my fave top 5 for students and why I picked them:
  1. Supermemo-Because I am constantly trying to figure out how to fit my life in my life, and I thought this would be a good reminder program. My biggest problem is remembering everything, and it stresses me out which causes me to forget more… It’s just argh!

However, it turns out this is a program that helps you retain what you learn. Someone has found a way to teach computer algorithms that know “the best time to remember something. Easy- when you forget!

If it does work, it will be very helpful to me-If it can fit it in my busy schedule.

2. Don’t Trust College Ratings When Choosing a school

I chose to read this one because it intrigued me. “Don’t trust” the college ratings. The college doesn’t “make” the person. Many people have made fine lives for themselves coming from all types of colleges. Vice versa I suppose. I speak to many people about going to school, or going back to school, so I like to learn what people are saying and stay in touch on the most current ideas in education.


3. Five Best Places to Buy Cheap Textbooks

Actually I thought maybe I would pick up one more site I didn’t know about. After reading the comments under the article, I found a few websites that offer free textbooks. And I though Chegg was good.

Oh so helpful, I cannot stand paying $100 for textbooks that I use only once

4. Where to Get the Best Free online Web Education

I had already known about some of these  like Yale but not Textbook Revolution. Also they did not mention some of them. I don’t think this really substitutes for the almighty pigskin. The sarcasm may show. I love learning. In college it can be more about deadlines, and immersing yourself within academia and the connections- all that grown-up stuff. Taking unnecessary classes you wish you could just test out of and buying textbooks way too expensive, but you have to in order to take a certain subject because you find out too late that professor wrote his own book and it is the required  one for his or her course. Craziness.

Helpful- very, in fact. If you are just interested in learning something for learning’s sake at your own pace, an online education cannot hurt you.

5. Expand your Brain with Evernote

I am so glad I read this one. Evernote will clear up my desktop!! I will be able to save and search everything via a scan, photo, handwritten or typed. Keep my digital files and my drawings, and handwritten ideas and notes on whatever topic together and not scattered all over my life. Face it, in life, sometimes you have paper and pen and sometimes you have access to a computer. I do not always carry a laptop around and do a lot of hand journaling of ideas. Oh my. Family recipes, receipts, design ideas, book marking, personal library.

This is helpful beyond my expectations. I can use this for many purposes. Oh, but will I?


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An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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One Response to 5 Life “Hacks” for Students

  1. John Jones says:

    I like Evernote a lot. I used it for a while for taking notes on my reading. I could edit the notes on my phone or computer and access them whenever I wanted.

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