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Every time I see the work Wiki, I think of when DJs would “scratch” to begin a song. (I included a link to what scratching is, since lately I have noticed some of my references are from a time that may as well be the stone age– i.e. longer than 10 years ago).

Really, I hasten to admit, I actually needed to find a definition for what the particular term “Wiki” means. Just like anything foreign to someone, once it is learned or experienced what was once a mountain turns in to a molehill. Ah the perspective of time. Back on track. So in case you didn’t know (don’t scoff at me) Wiki simplified just means a collaborative website.  Yep found that out on a Wikipedia page. This one as a matter of fact.

Wikipedia really is a useful tool. I personally remember using the Encyclopedia Brittanica,  which every teacher expected you to have access to make reports. That and whatever your local library had is the basic access you had to information. Wiki may have fault because of anyone’s ability to add information, but it is fathoms upon fathoms more informative about just about any subject then a standard encyclopedia was. Wikipedia is not only more informative, but much easier to use. Wikipedia has an information trail at the bottom to follow that many times lead to very credible sources of information. It also has its information linked up to any other reference the page makes to any other thing covered on Wiki.

This editing a Wikipedia is a whole different monster to me though. I wonder if my information is first hand then aren’t I the credible source? But without references to your sources your addition may just be deleted. Also, so many emerging subjects that are starting now that may or may not be noted by a “credible source” because it hasn’t been a subject of a credible source yet. Curious minds want to know…. and that is what Wikipedia is for.

I do like this I came across on John M Jones’ twitter feed. Putting Wikipedia into a type of book bound encyclopedia of the “histiography” of the Iraq War in this case. It includes all the edits and additions. Like a history of how history was written. A tangible item about a virtual world.

I love this project. Although it is made from Nat Geos, I think I have found a use for my old encyclopedias.


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