Random Surfing Find

I just love accidental surfing. Aimless drifting through random links posted on twitter this week I came across some interesting finds. To me it is like garage-saling  and happenstance- you find that item you’ve been searching for- but didn’t know you needed and now you can’t do without it.

Like coming across the Online Education Database @ OEDb.org. Many useful items here. Really like the listing of 200 free online classes to learn ANYTHING. Free classes offered from MIT, Yale, and Tufts to name a few. I found a few related to the field of new media, for instance: Producing Films for Social Change offered by Tufts, and Technology for Professional Writers offered from Utah State. There are a lot of links to classes that are related to ATEC, EMAC, and of course writing and research in new media, but some links were broken. I recommend scrolling to the bottom of the page and going to the individual school websites to see what is currently available. You may be surprised with what you find 🙂


About submarinequeen

An Arts and Technology major and an aspiring sculptor blogging to support my hopefully future career and share my experiences
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