Mini Digital Media Moguls

Digital media is changing the world . Not really a news flash. Anything occuring more than 10 minutes ago is considered old news by many who live so much of their lives online. With that in mind I found this little bit of information quite intriguing.

Some college students are using digital media to their benefit to bypass those silly old college traditions such as: internships, advanced courses, work- study, and yes, even a college degree. How ironic. Now we can go to college without the actual premise being “to graduate”. How are they doing this? Here are just a few examples: Derek Flanzraich started a web-based satirical news program and an online television network, Harvard Undergraduate Television Network, while at Harvard University. Brian Stelter, now a reporter with the New York Times, began TVNewser, the must-read broadcast news industry blog, while at Towson University. Ryan Dunn and Dave Hendricks co-founded an online college media content sharing service while at Ohio University. Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen launched College Humor, the web’s leading comedy site, while at the University of Richmond and Wake Forest University.

According to an article by Dan Reimold via Mediashift on entitled:How College Students Became Mini-Media Moguls in School “the real learning is not happening in class. Instead, students’ online start-ups and personal brand building have become their most influential educational vehicles.


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